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2010 Projects

The septic project project.

2009 Projects

Exterior trim of the entire house was repainted in July (2009),
updated pictures coming soon.

Late afternoon
in September

Another late afternoon pic

Austin's summer
studio and gas

Glaze firing

Studio in full-swing

Temp. studio setup
at 496 Main St.

Loading the kiln

Austin loading
a bisque firing

Bisque firing

Sunday morning

View from
Austin's studio

New (primary) access area for
large equipment

Austin's window

New window
for upstairs bedroom

View from second floor bedroom

(new window)

Pig roast for
Sally's birthday

Zimmer and
Knight clans


Party for
Sally's 50th!

The feast

Kiln ready
to fire

Cone 10 / Salt!
Austin can finally consistently hit 2340 degrees!

Kiln burners
on full blast!

Mom on her Mac,
at the cottage, wireless!

Austin's new bike shed (moved and rebuilt)

Drive-way view

New access
point for large

Party deck for Sally's 50th

Tanks for Austin's salt kiln

Septic work is underway!  So much for the yard, at least for the time-being.
FYI -- everything will be ready and looking beautiful by the end of April, 2010!

Sweetness in-front of the fireplace (winter 2009).


2008 Projects

2008 Projects (complete): dock completion, complete and fire new (salt) kiln,  met with contractors and architect, added home entertainment system.  Stay tuned for pictures and architectural drawings, once everything is finalized AND approved by all the different regulatory agencies; a process that  I [Austin] would not
wish on anyone!



2007 Projects

Austin's kiln building project (a downdraft, cone 10, salt/soda, 25 cubic feet kiln)



2007 Projects (complete): Updated fencing, small tool shed, picnic benches (homemade), art studio, begin kiln construction, plus a large wood-stove that can heat the entire house.  A large (downdraft / sprung-arch) salt kiln (30 cu. feet) will soon be installed on the cement slab located directly in-front of the new
wood fencing (pictured above).

Bike shed, studio, new dock, updated sea wall
 and sitting area (2007 projects).

1/2 of the studio takes shape.  A commercial tent will be placed on the new
platform during the approval process with the town.  The final space, complete with lots of windows and skylights, will be double the size.  The new plan (as of August 2008) is to integrate the studio into a small new wing of the house.

Renovation of flooring
(before picture)

This picture does not do the new carpet justice.  It is actually a warm cherry red with a little fleck of dark burgundy color.   It looks and feels wonderful!

Reinforced sea-wall (2007 project).  Huge boulders were placed along the
shoreline to secure the property from recent storm-surges.

60ft dock located directly
in front of cottage (one of Austin's 2007 projects).

New kayak rack
(one of Austin's 2007 projects).

Bike shed (one of Austin's 2007 project)

Sunset dock pictures
(one of Austin's 2007 pride-and-joy projects)

Stay tuned for many additional renovation pictures.  Future projects include: art studio with a large gas and electric kiln, new flooring throughout the house (lots of ceramic tile!), new septic system, new (winter) water source, expansion of the entire house including construction of an upper (covered) deck, lots of additional windows and doors, new (redwood) shingles for the entire house.  The house will go from 1,300 sq. ft to 3,100 sq. ft.   Exciting stuff, enjoy the pictures!  Additional pictures will be added as renovations continue.


2006 Projects

Before renovation

"Cozy" bathroom
(3' x 6')
1/2 bath


New bathroom is now 7' x 6'

Now a full bath with lots of additional space
and all new fixtures


Before renovation

Dining area
(9.5' x 9.5')

New window with ocean view! 
(Indoor framing is now complete)

FYI -- the dinning area will soon be
dramatically expanded, complete with French doors and lots of additional windows.

View from outside

Awesome sun deck!
(30' x 18')

Deck with new grill (large / stainless
steel) and a 10' x 10' studio in the
background.  Notice the new window!

FYI -- the house will soon be expanded to include
the deck area (shown above) and a new deck with be added.


Before renovation

Downstairs bedroom
1 double and 1 single
(Bedroom #3)
(9.5' x 12.5')

The downstairs bedroom now has a
queen size bed, the single twin bed is now upstairs.
The house still sleeps eight comfortably.
The downstairs bedroom is now 10' x 10'.


Cozy county kitchen with
new stove and refrigerator
' x 10')

Kitchen with large
sliding glass door
' x 10')


New flooring in kitchen and bathroom
(9.5' x 10')

FYI -- the kitchen will soon be dramatically expanded and updated.  The new sink area will have an ocean view!  The kitchen area will also finally have a: dishwasher, washer/dryer, disposal, bar area, new cabinets and more.

Stone lined paths

Both paths (front and side) have been totally
redone and landscaping has been updated
and expanded.

FYI -- the deck with soon wrap around the entire house, which will include the path area pictured above.

Before stairs were added

[ View from the water ]


New stairs down to the second beach.
Sorry, the tide was out when I took the picture.

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