Directions to the Zimmer cottage
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Note: The  Zimmer cottage is only 3 miles from the highway (Route 95 / exit #89).
From Route 95 via Exit 89: 
Take exit 89 (for Allyn Street)
Bear right off the ramp (you are now on Route 27 South)
Turn right at the bottom of the ramp
Go straight when you come to blinking red light
Proceed straight to the stop sign
Turn left at the traffic light (US RT #1, towards Mystic)
Proceed slowing through the center of town and over the draw-bridge
Proceed straight after crossing the bridge (make sure you stay on RT #1)

Bear right when you come to the CVS store (stay on RT #1)

Bear left at the next turn in the road (located directly in front of the Amtrak station)

Proceed straight at the traffic light

Proceed straight at the next traffic light

Proceed straight at the next traffic light (Mason's Island Rd.)

Proceed straight at the next light (A&P Grocery Store on left)

Take the next available right turn on Latimer Point Road

Go over railroad tracks

Bear right at the fork (marked by stop sign)

Bear right at the next fork (located next to a line of mail-boxes)

The Zimmer cottage is the fourth house on the right  (#10 / Zimmer sign is posted on a tree at the start of drive-way).  The house has wood shingles and blue trim.

Call 860-245-0357 or 301-365-8286 for help locating the cottage.  Drive safely

Click here for alternative directions from route 95 (exit 90)

Official address (which can be entered into most GPS devices):

     Zimmer Cottage
     10 North Shore Way

     North Stonington, CT 06378

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